Oct 11 2009

Weekly Dinner Planner

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Welcome to my Dinner menu weekly planner. I believe, plan is as good as you want it to be. Also, plan it so that you can stick to it. Don’t make it too complicated, where you have to give it up before reaching your expected results.  

I read this in a dietitian’s tip:  

Do not shop without a shopping List. Also never shop Hungry.  

The following is what I planned for this week. Remember, you need little bit of  extra determination to make this work.  

I am enjoying this and hope you too enjoy this. Please write me your feedback 


Weekly Dinner Menu




MONDAY: Fish is one of the great  source of omega acids and less in fat. On top of it, if you bake it, I see this as one of the healthiest meal. 

Baked Fish with Salad  

See More Fish Meals 

    TUESDAY: It may take little longer to make both Chicken Panini & Soup. But I guarantee it is worth the wait. Gourmet Chicken Panini See More Chicken Meals 
     WEDNESDAY: This name sounds interesting. You got everything in the pot. This is all you need. I know you are going to love this. One Pot Wonder See More Recipes 
    THURSDAY: One of the few Salads I like. This is very lite, but you get everything you need. Chicken Salad  See More Salads 
    FRIDAY: I love home made Roties. They go very well with Mutton Gravy. Mutton Gravy  See More Non-Veg Recipes 




 SATURDAY: You can make this meatless meal of the week. 

Roti Stir Fry with Raita  

See More Veggie Meals 

     SUNDAY: Sundays are the days we get to meet and eat up with friends and family. You want to watch out on what you eat. Because you worked so hard to get to the weekend and you don’t want to undo all week long’s work just with this meal. Baked Pumpkin Pasta with Shrimp  See More Baked / Soup Items  

Also, as you make you plan for your weekly Menu, try playing with different combinations by looking for “See more” for each day.


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